Success Story

A Calendar of Culinary Events

Through the support of a grant by the American Culinary Federation, students at the Community School of Sun Valley, Idaho, enjoyed a calendar of culinary events hosted by Kathryn Guulay, Chefs Move to Schools volunteer, along with Janet Salvoni, head of Community School Elementary School, and Chrissie Huss, parent volunteer. In January, students learned to identify whole grains versus processed grains, while February focused on different culinary customs around the world. Students learned about the different components of MyPlate in March and sampled snacks containing various components of MyPlate. April was all about better beverages, and students explored ways of making water more interesting my adding different fruits, cucumbers and herbs. The school-year ended with a community event with kids responsible for preparing, plating and serving food to over 100 adults. 

January: Go With Whole Grains
Through this lesson and activity, students learned how to identify whole grains versus processed grains. The class had a presentation on "detective strategies to identify whole grains," and then read labels on food items. They finished with a sample of whole grain recipes.

Go with Whole Grains 

February: Food and Culture
In this activity, the class watched a video about different culinary customs around the world, then discuss their own traditions. They sampled a recipe with millet, which is thought of many as "bird food" in the United States but is extremely popular in many countries in Africa. The students learned to respect culinary differences across different countries and t be open-minded about trying new foods.

Food and Culture 

March: MyPlate
This month, students learned about different components of MyPlate and then created drawings of MyPlate to take home. They sampled snacks containing various components of MyPlate. 

 MyPlate activity

April: Better Beverages
The class discussed various drink options, and decided that sugary sodas and sports drinks are not the best choices for long-lasting energy and hydration. They explored ways of making water more interesting, such as adding fruit or even cucumber slices.

 Better Beverages

May: Parent "Nosh" Event
This event was open to the community and involved a great interaction between parents and children around food. The children were responsible for preparation, plating and serving food. Over 100 adults attended and raved not only about the food, but also about the wonderful poise and attitude of the kids!

Parent "Nosh" Event