Success Story

Cuties Are More Than Just Cute!

Since fall 2012, Diana Kramer has been sharing fun ways to create healthier eating habits at Trinity Day Care in Rockford, Ill.  Her classes have tried homemade kale chips, ratatouille, applesauce and much more! On May 1, 2013, Trinity Day Care had a cross cultural experience that turned out to be amazing.  Chef Diana introduced the class to new friends, Hidemi and Akira, from Japan.  They showed students how to take ordinary Cutie oranges and turn them into flowers.  Then, Hidemi and Akira gave each child a set of chopsticks to eat their oranges.  Everyone had a great time getting the hang of using those chopsticks, and the children got to take a set home, too!

New friends from Japan, Hidemi and Akira, turn Cutie oranges into flowers  Children eating Cutie oranges with chopsticks