Get Started

First Lady Michelle Obama is calling on chefs to join the fight against childhood obesity by adopting a school and working with teachers, parents, school nutrition professionals and administrators to help educate children about food and to show them that healthy eating can be fun.

Why Partner

Chefs and Schools have a unique opportunity to work together to teach kids about food in a fun, appealing way. The Chefs Move to Schools program seeks to utilize the creativity and culinary expertise of chefs to help schools ensure that America's youngest generation grows up healthy.

How to Partner

Chefs Move to Schools focuses on the interests and expertise of each chef volunteer and the needs of each school. There are many ways the partnership can work to positively impact the eating habits of children. To make the process easier for you and to get the best match for both chefs and schools, Chefs Move to Schools is built around two tracks—the classroom and the cafeteria. Follow these four steps to get started:

Register with Chefs Move to Schools and add yourself to the map. By registering, you will gain access to tools and resources to help you build an even stronger chef and school partnership.

Find an interested chef or school. Using our interactive map, search for chefs or schools in your area that match your needs, interests, and available time. Possible project ideas include:

  • In the classroom, planting a school garden or teaching children
  • In the cafeteria, developing school menu items or providing culinary skills training

Develop a plan as a team. Set up a meeting to develop a plan that meets the needs of the schools and students. Note: many schools require a lengthy background check and other security measures before allowing visitors on school grounds. Chefs and schools should follow district policies.

Report your match with Chefs Move to Schools and share your success. Once you have agreed to partner, come back to the Chefs Move to Schools website and report your match! Paired chefs and schools may qualify for grant funding.